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Standing Seam Steel Roof

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A Modern Look That Stands Up to Colorado's Worst Weather

Steel roofing has many advantages, from weather resistance to longevity and beyond. But for many years, it had a big drawback: it looked old. There was no way to use it without making a building looked aged or unstylish. But standing seam steel roofs have done away with that problem.

Concealed fasteners, modern colors, and raised seams that leave no room for leaks make these roofs a great choice for buildings in Colorado. They've become especially popular in trendy new constructions.

What Is Standing Seam Steel Roofing?

Standing seam steel roofs feature large steel panels with vertical sections where the panels come together. The panels are fastened at these seams. One of the most notable features of this style is that there are no visible fasteners; that means no screws or nails to mar the surface of your roof and no holes where you need to protect for leaks. This distinguishes standing seam from other steel options like Pro Panel ribbed roofs.

Building owners have a huge number of options for standing seam steel roofs. You can choose the color, design, thickness, and locking systems (though we almost always recommend snap-lock panels).

Benefits of Standing Seam Steel Roofing

  • Extremely durable, with a rated lifespan of 75 years.

  • Highly impact, wind, and fire resistance—perfect for Colorado's unpredictable weather (including hail).

  • Modern styling with no visible fasteners.

  • Raised seams and snap-lock panels reduce chances of roof leaks.

  • Highly customizable in color and design.

  • Absorbs less heat than many other roofing styles, reducing heating and cooling costs.

  • Steel roofs can be recycled, making them an environmentally friendly roofing choice.

Who Should Use Standing Seam Steel Roofing?

Owners who want the best in modern styling. Whether you own condos, a business, a single home, or any other building, standing seam steel roofing will give your roof a bold, modern look.

People looking for durability. Few roofing styles can match the 75-year lifespan of standing seam steel. Plus it stands up to hail, wind, rain, and heat—everything you'll get in Colorado.

Buildings that need curb appeal, whether for renting or selling, should invest in a bold roof. Standing seam steel grabs people's attention and lets them know that you care about the overall look and feel of the building.

Find Out More About Bold Styles and Modern Lines with Standing Seam Steel Roofs

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