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Gacoflex Silicone Roof Coating

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Save Money by Not Replacing Your Roof—Renew It With Silicone Roofing Instead

Replacing a roof can be a huge expense. Removing and disposing of old roofing materials cost thousands of dollars per job. And that's before the installation of the new roof.

What if you could save that money?

With Gacoflex, you can. Gacoflex S2000 is a silicone roof coating that seals, protects, and renews your old roof. Any flat or low-slope roof in decent condition can be coated without needing to close your business during the process.

You get a waterproof, weather-resistant, energy-efficient roof without sacrificing productive time or paying a fortune.

What Is Gacoflex S2000 Silicone Roofing?

Gacoflex is a solvent-free silicone coating that we roll onto your roof. Because 95% of the solution is comprised of solids, it's an efficient way to cover a large area. The silicone membrane can be applied to almost any roof and forms a watertight, durable seal.

Benefits of Gacoflex Silicone Roof Coating

  • Cheaper than replacing a whole roof with traditional materials.

  • Never replace your roof again—just renew it when it needs a new coating.

  • Seamless silicone roof sealant protects against standing water, UV radiation, and Colorado's unpredictable weather.

  • Coating's glossy finish reflects sunlight, helping you keep energy costs down for a more energy-efficient business.

  • No need to remove old roof, cutting down on landfill costs and waste.

  • Fast application with no need to close your business.

  • Almost any roof can be covered by Gacoflex, from EPDM to low-slope standing seam metal roofs.

  • Available in multiple colors to match your old roof.

  • Working with a factory-certified installer (like us) gets you a factory warranty, which can be extended by up to 50 years.

Who Should Use GacoFlex Silicone Roofing?

Any organization that wants a clean, affordable alternative to replacing a roof. You'll love Gacoflex. With no waste from removing a roof, you save money, time, and the environment.

Buildings with very old roofs. These great candidates for Gacoflex, too. It can be hard—if not impossible—to match materials on old roofs, which means costly full replacements.

That was the case on the Pillar of Fire Church in Denver. Replacing its century-old steel roof would have been a huge expense. But with a coating of Gacoflex, we renewed the old roof and saved the church thousands of dollars.

Environmentally conscious businesses. Gacoflex is a no-brainer. There's no disposal of old materials. The renewed roof reflects sunlight to cut down on heating and cooling costs. And some of Gaco's silicone roof coating products meet EPA regulations for drinking water contaminants and are suitable for green roof applications if the intent is to plant grasses or gardens and edible plants on a roof surface.

Find Out More About Renewing Your Roof With Gacoflex S2000

Want to find out if Gacoflex is a good choice for your roofing project? Not sure if your roof is too sloped or too damaged for a silicone coating? Just want to talk about roofing options?

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Want an even greener option? We also install Gacoflex's garden roof system.