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CeDUR Synthetic Faux Wood Shakes

  • CeDUR Synthetic Faux Wood Shakes
  • CeDUR Synthetic Faux Wood Shakes
  • CeDUR Synthetic Faux Wood Shakes
  • Brava Slate Composite Tiles
  • Brava Slate with Snow Tops
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These synthetic composite cedar shakes are fire resistant, unlike traditional cedar shakes. With certified testing through the International Code Council, it has been determined that they are "stand alone class A fire rated." Many roofing products, including steel roofing of all types, are considered Class A Fire Rated, but due to the radiant energy of a wild fire, which can penetrate the surface without igniting the surface, a special, costly underlayment system must be applied to achieve the desired fire resistance rating. The CeDUR product itself is Class A Fire Rated, which allows for standard, less costly underlayments such as ice and water shield and synthetic underlayment. These savings can be applied to the slightly higher cost of the CeDUR product without compromising the quality of the installation. CeDUR shakes prevent flames spreading on the surface of the roof and don't allow a fire to ignite on the roof elevations, unlike worn cedar shakes, which can effectively act as fire kindling, accelerating the fire ignition and quickly spreading to the traditional #30 felt underlayment. Natural cedar shakes can ignite at around 375 degrees Fahrenheit. The CeDUR Class A certified burning brand test reached temperatures as high as 1,400 degrees Fahrenheit and CeDUR composite roofing tiles did not reach ignition.

In the event of a wildfire, flames spread roof to roof, with embers from the fire being a major cause of traveling fire damage. Using a roofing product that self extinguishes in the event of a fire has the potential to save properties and save lives.

These faux cedar shakes are also Type 4 Impact Resistant, withstanding up to 4 inch hard hail, and are warranteed to 130 mph wind resistance, which can often qualify the property for a homeowners insurance policy premium discount.

Most synthetic composite roofing products that are composed primarily of Polyethylene, which can melt and is less fire and ultraviolet light ray fading resistant. CeDUR is composed of Polyurethane... this allows us to manufacture a roofing material that is extremely light weight and durable and looks as realistic as the natural products, and even more realistic than the alternative synthetic composite roofing shakes or tiles.

Closed Cell Polyurethane Technology

CeDUR Faux Cedar Shakes feature Closed Cell Technology. This technology creates a solid product from top to bottom and front to back. CeDUR is not a cavity space or hollow back roofing product... on the reverse side of the shakes there is not a grid like or "wafflelike" engineered strengthening structure. Rather, CeDUR is a solid product with color through pigmentation; each individual CeDUR shake is solid throughout. The proprietary manufacturing process allows CeDUR synthetic wood shakes to be solid, walkable, and light weight and durable. Installed, the shakes lay flat to the surface and easily bear the weight of installers, inspectors and smaller wind driven or falling tree branches without becoming damaged.

Our color through pigmentation with the Closed Cell Technology allows the color to permeate through our product instead of being applied to just the surface, allowing for easy dimensional cutting and installation on the roof valleys, eaves, gables, rakes, and hips. The CeDUR shakes can be easily cut, or scored and snapped using a utility knife, in order to fit tight and angled spaces for an enhanced and precise appearance.

A solid inherent structural composition (incorporating 'dead air space' bubbles) means better insulation for your attic space. While most asphalt shingles, steel roofing and wood shakes have virtually no R- Value, the CeDUR is an energy efficient material with an insulation R-Value in excess of 2.0. This provides roof surface insulative value which can protect the underlayments and attic from heat gain in the summer, and retaining heat in the winter. By using accents such as standing seam metal or copper roof accents, you can complement and enhance the structure's architectural lines to improve curb appeal and thus the property value of your home!

Here is a checklist of the advantages a CeDUR faux shake roof can provide:

  1. Rich natural wood appearance with no plastic sheen or shiny appearance

  2. Thick beautiful shadow lines and grooves

  3. Resistance to freeze / thaw cycles

  4. Low water absorption which can contribute to mold or mildew growth

  5. No rotting or splitting, no decay or fire risk

  6. No or minimal maintenance

  7. Low life cycle cost

Eco Friendly Roof

CeDUR Synthetic Faux Shake Roofing is environmentally friendly and will last much longer than traditional roofing options like asphalt shingles and architectural shingles. While traditional wood shake roofs are traditionally unsurpassed in their rustic appearance, it is getting very difficult to source real wood shakes or shingles, and which only have a 30 year rated lifespan and are susceptible to all the concerns listed above. CeDUR synthetic shakes are polyurethane based and are designed and engineered to be extremely durable, energy efficient, low maintenance, eco-friendly, cost effective, and feature a 50 Year Lifetime Limited Warranty, and will promote the concept of homeowners being environmentally conscious consumers, while at the same time not sacrificing the gorgeous, rustic, traditional use of cedar or redwood shakes.

Brava Slate on IWS

Brava Shake, Slate and Barrel Tile roofing Products

Brava makes synthetic roofing that combines the real look of Shake, Slate and Barrel roofing with unparalleled performance. As a very durable alternative to traditional roofing materials, our faux composite roofing products last longer and are much tougher than traditional cedar shake, slate and Spanish barrel tiles, and are far more visually pleasing than asphalt shingles and concrete tiles.

Founded in 2008, Brava is the top manufacturer of beautiful, long-lasting, and authentic synthetic roofing in the United States. By crafting eco-friendly roofing that mirrors their raw material counterparts, the products are much more sustainable and eco-friendly than mining or cutting down trees. Brava is lightweight, durable and we have redefined what’s possible for composite roofing. Nature produces a miraculous array of colors. The beautiful and unique color variations that occur naturally within our world are mirrored in Brava tiles. With our patented mineral-infusion process, we ensure no two Brava tiles are exactly alike, with the most color and style options on the market.

Brava Slate with Copper Valleys

In addition, all of our products are Class 4 impact rated—the highest rating in the industry. The ultimate shield for protecting any home, Brava roofing offers the highest standards for wind, fire, and impact, and is UV resistant as well. Brava roofing offers a 50-year transferable materials warranty on all our products, one of the best in the composite roofing industry. Brava is a beautiful, eco-friendly investment that will last and save money in the long term, regardless of hail, snow load, or elevation.

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