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Pro Panel 2 Classic Rib Roof

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Metal Roofing with Exterior Fasteners feature an exposed fastener systems, which means the steel roofing panels, no matter what type, are attached to the roof substrate with fasteners that penetrate the outer face of the panel. The fastener screw heads are exposed to view and feature a gasket that prevents leaking. Due to the rubber screw gaskets being exposed to the strong ultra violet rays of high elevation sunlight, the screws will need to be replaced every decade or so, based upon our extensive experience. This is why we insist on High Temperature Ice and Water Shield on all our steel roofs, because we know the chances of a roof leak with this type of fastener is a sure bet down the road, and we will simply not compromise our reputation or make a customers life harder down the road by cutting corners.

Deciphering the Gauge Measurement of sheet metal thickness: The lower the gauge number, the thicker the steel. 26 gauge is most common thickness for residential metal roof panels, whether standing seam or Pro Panel. 24 gauge (thicker-purlin application) and 29 gauge (thinner-sidewall or outbuilding roof application) are optional choices that are determined by the application and demands on the product. Panels come off the shelf in 12 and 16 LF lengths x 32 inches wide (not including installation overlap) or can be ran off and cut seamless, to the length of the span.

Factory-Formed matching sheet metal flashings and drip edges are custom bent and installed to cover spaces between the roof material and penetrations, such as chimneys and skylights. The MS Colorfast45® advanced baked enamel paint finish is the economic option with superior durability. PVDF (Kynar 500®) is the ultra high-performance option with ultimate fade and chalk resistance that we recommend. If not specified Colorfast45 is the standard we price to and order.

Corrugated Metal Roofing and Siding also utilizes exposed fasteners with rubber gaskets or grommets. The "corrugated" metal panel design is widely used, both horizontally and vertically, as a rustic or industrial appearing siding and façade material, on new urban designs. The panel design, whether a high or low profile, has always been an old standard steel roofing product on ranch barns and agricultural buildings.

For this reason there is a lively trade in steel products that are recycled or mimic the look of the old, rusty corrugated roofing found on old mining and ranching buildings all over Colorado.

There are CORTEN and other metal alloys available on the market that are designed to readily corrode and rust shortly upon exposure, in whatever profile you need. These products are very popular in the High Rockies and along the Colorado Front Range. We have the steel and metal suppliers that can provide any metal product in virtually any profile you desire. We have completed Steel and Metal commercial and residential roofing jobs of all types across Colorado and the Mid West. Text or email to let us know what is on your mind and we will see what we can do for you.