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Green Roof - Garden Roof Systems

Green Roof in Denver

A garden roof, often called a green roof, is an area of planting/landscaping built on a waterproof surface of a roof.

GacoFlex Garden Roof Systems insulate buildings and reduce heating and cooling costs. They also increase the life expectancy of a roof by 2-3 times by shielding the roofing membrane from UV rays and fluctuating temperatures.

There are many benefits to having a "living roof," not least of which would be creating additional outdoor living space, a boon for urban dwellers:


  • REDUCES AND DELAYS STORM WATER RUNOFF (Old flat commercial roofs that were designed for gravel ballasted BUR roofs originally should be able to handle some absorbed, evenly distributed water weight).

  • HELPS IMPROVE AIR QUALITY BY REDUCING CO2 LEVELS. Stick your face in your rooftop veggies and take a deep breath!


Gaco Western's Gaco Flex Garden Roof System contains everything you need to make your roof ready for lightweight soil and plants. The most important element of any roof, particularly a green roof, is the one that keeps your building dry.

Green Roof in Denver The peace of mind waterproofing element of the GardenRoof System is the GacoFlex solvent free polyurethane coatings that can be applied by roller or spray over most existing roof materials, using the old membrane, if sound or repaired, as the backbone for the thick, crack and pore filling coating. No more hot kettles of asphalt and no fumes. Most importantly, no seams! The old roof acts as a mold or pattern for the new one!

As an added bonus, one of the solvent-free polyurethanes, LM60, carries the NSF International approval for potable water; water runoff from the roof is safe for people, pets, wildlife and plants. Along with the GacoFlex polyurethane membrane, other accessory products of the GardenRoof system includes primers and sealers, fabric reinforcing, neoprene sheet*, water retention mats, drainage mats, root barriers and filter fabric.

OSHA estimates that a cubic foot of soil (7.48 gallons) weighs 114 pounds - definitely not what you want on top of your roof. It may be waterproof but your roof is not impervious to excessive weight! A light mix of native soil and humus (20%) with crushed slate and clay (80%) will provide the perfect growing medium by having essential draining and soil aeration capabilities.

Garden and Hydroponic suppliers all over Colorado offer several types of engineered soil mixes or a local soil expert can provide the right mix. Keep in mind that the shallower the growing medium, the greater physical demand on whatever plants are installed. Hardy grasses and sedums in well draining soil media are popular plants for green roofs.

The main waterproof coatings are GacoFlex LM60 and GacoFlex U8782. Both can be used on flat, low-slope and vertical surfaces as conditions require, making it perfect for green roofs. Rain barrels and/or irrigation systems using this water will save your plants in times of drought and decrease your water bills. All GacoFlex membranes have excellent durability up to 180°F; however, GacoFlex LM60 is not UV stable and must be top-coated. GacoFlex U8782 should be used where the membrane will be exposed to sunlight. It's time for planting!