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Skylights & Roof Windows

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We offer a wide range of skylights through our factory approved vendor: Standard Size and Custom Polycarbonate (not lesser grade acrylic) Double Dome skylights, Velux Roof Windows in multiple configurations and options, and the energy efficient Sun Tunnels.

Double Dome acrylic skylights (often curb mounted), can suffer a number of problems, especially in our high elevation environment.

A common problem with older acrylic dome skylights is when warm, moist interior air meets the cold skylight the moisture can condense and drip. This is sometimes perceived as a leak, but this can be also be caused by a number of other issues:

  1. A lack of a thermal break - by using an insulating material such as weather stripping which can eventually wear out to seal the interior frame (often made of extruded aluminum) of the curb from the exterior.

  2. Wear and tear can occur when the extremes of temperature cause expansion and contraction of the lighter density acrylic plastic where it comes into contact with the denser material of the extruded aluminum frame. The constant movement can cause the frame sealing material to fail.

  3. The strong ultraviolet in the sunlight at higher elevations can prematurely age the acrylic plastic, allowing wind driven debris (such as tree branches) or hail to crack the plastic. If only the outer acrylic dome or glass is broken your skylight may not leak initially, but one may notice condensation and algae growth in the space between the domes.

  4. Plugged weep holes can cause condensation build up, which may eventually leak condensation. This may simply require some easy maintenance, which would be to clean the unit and unplug any closed weep holes.

  5. Roof flashing leaks occur when water is penetrating the roof deck through the flashing around the skylight and not the skylight itself. It can usually be identified by damage at the ceiling level outside the skylight well/ceiling opening. Flashing leaks are roofing leaks. An experienced roofer should be qualified to repair a flashing leak, since the flashing of the curb is a roof component and not a double dome skylight defect.

We can often repair a double dome skylight rather than replacing, but it requires a skylight specialist to inspect the unit to determine the cause of the concerns and to recommend the best options moving forward. Often, if the unit is older, it may be more cost effective to simply replace the unit. Consider replacing the skylight with a more modern thermally efficient model. The energy savings can be significant and will usually pay for the skylight and installation in a few years. Our factory approved Velux Skylight Vendor offers the best replacement solution for standard Double Dome Skylights, Velux LuxGuard Dome Skylights!

Polycarbonate (not acrylic) Skylights at Traditional Double Dome Prices, including New and Improved Frame Designs.

  • Glazing Spacer: Reduces noises associated with expansion and contraction. Condensation release.

  • Inner Dome: Rests on material with similar expansion/contraction—durability.

  • Inner Frame: Innovative, encapsulating one-piece thermoplastic forms an impenetrable water barrier.

  • 50-year Silicone seals between the polycarbonate domes and the frame.

The most trusted name in Roof Windows and Sun Tunnels – Velux

Velux Roof Windows differ from Double Dome or traditional skylights in many respects, the biggest being that the window curb design and interior window well or "shaft" trims are incorporated into the roof window frame design. Each roof window is flashed directly into the roofing material with a special kit, allowing for a tighter seal and less chance for leakage. Our vendor is a Velux certified factory installer, so the warranty for both the installation and the roof window is inclusive... there is no one else to point the finger at if there is any problem with the installation or the unit itself... this is called "Undivided Responsibility!"

There are many design and functionality options... our vendor will visit the site (Residential and Commercial options are available) to help the consumer determine which choices are best for their particular situation. The following are the most common choices:

VELUX fixed roof windows are ideal for visually expanding and brightening areas such as hallways, stairwells, and closed-in bedrooms or closets. These spaces can be dramatically transformed with light and sky views. Fixed units provide the most economical choice in creating a spacious appearance that is filled with sunlight. Fixed units, with double spaced tempered glass glazing, are often the most cost effective and energy efficient option.

VELUX manually-operated "Fresh Air" roof windows are designed for both "flush" deck and "raised curb-type" installations. This roof window model enables any home to embrace the best of what nature has to offer. Opening for maximum fresh air, this venting skylight contributes to a home's proper temperature balance and comfort level by allowing stale interior air to be released. These units are typically opened and closed by hand if reachable, or with a convenient hand operatable extension handle if mounted high up in a vaulted ceiling, for example. They come with a interior mounted screen to prevent insects from entering the structure.

VELUX Electric "Fresh Air" roof windows are designed for both curb mounted or flush deck applications, the Electric "Fresh Air" roof window is the perfect living space enhancing solution for hard to reach, high or vaulted ceiling installations. It allows for abundant natural light, and with the touch of a button, opens to let in fresh air. When equipped with a rain sensor, the roof window operator will close the roof window automatically during rainstorms.

VELUX Solar Powered "Fresh Air" roof window are controlled by an internal drive system that is solar powered. Each one has a photo voltaic panel that collects energy all day and uses it to power the skylight when prompted by a remote control. The Solar Powered "Fresh Air" Skylights work best with VELUX ACTIVE with NETATMO, an operating system that constantly "reads" the home's indoor air temperature and humidity, opening or closing the roof window depending on the programming you set.

There are many other exciting VELUX roof window options, which include:

Top Hinged roof windows, center pivot hinged roof windows, full sized roof access roof windows, and featuring the special order VELUX CABRIO ROOF WINDOW, which features:

  • A fully accessible roof “Balcony,” complete with safety handrails

  • Sets up like a roof top terrace i.e. a doorway to the outside, opening directly from the roof surface

  • The full size roof window is hinged from the top, opening like a traditional roof window, except taller and wider.

VELUX, the most innovative skylight manufacturer in the market, has introduced the most energy efficient, exciting product on the market today, The Sun Tunnel® Skylight

VELUX Sun Tunnel® Skylights deliver natural sunlight into homes through a patented "tunnel," or reflective light duct, that runs from the roof, through the attic, to the interior ceiling, delivering sunlight from a faceted roof dome lens to a flush, modern ceiling light fixture. They are a simple, extremely energy efficient and cost-cutting way to add real sunlight to any interior space! You have to see it to believe it!

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Copy information & illustrations courtesy of Skylight Specialists