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Shed Roof

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A roof having only one sloping plane and no hips, ridges or valleys. Shed roofs can be of any pitch; it is a single plane, with two rakes and one eave.

This simplest of pitched roofs is sometimes called a "lean-to" roof. The name comes from its frequent use on additions to a larger structure, not to be confused with a "roof on a shed, or outbuilding," that can be of any design.

Shed Style refers to a style of architecture that makes use of the single-sloped roofs that are commonly called "shed roofs." Shed style architecture became very popular in the 1970s and 1980s. Common stylistic features of shed style include overall asymmetrical with strong lines, one to two story height, and seamless roof and wall movement. It is often used in contemporary designs where the ceiling is attached directly to the roof frame.

We see a lot of rustic structures with shed roofs across Colorado, especially in smaller remote cabins (the trusses are easy to site build). The design also can account for lofty interior spaces in simple bold, square lines, featuring open beams and vaulting on multiple levels, thus we encounter some shed roof designs incorporated in mountain condominiums and high end homes in the High Rockies.

The style also seems to be a favorite of architects active in designing the next generation of inner city Denver scrape and builds; one has seen a lot of ongoing new construction that heavily relies on the shed roof standard.

This design is also used extensively as low slope patio cover additions on suburban homes. The shed roof will generally line up with the main roof slope at the eave - in order to maintain head room under the patio cover the pitch of the shed roof will need to be reduced. This can lead to reduced drainage capability from the upper slope. Since it is very common for the patio cover to be attached to an asphalt shingled roof, it is important to use the proper code compliant and compatible material on the patio cover shed roof. In most cases the roof ends up a low slope 2/12 or less pitch, due to the height factor.

Since EPDM and TPO low slope material react adversely to the asphalt shingles on the house, and the shinglers usually have the skill sets needed to handle roll type roofing, a commercial grade modified bitumen roll roofing designed for low slopes is generally the recommended solution for the patio cover shed roof addition. The modified bitumen roofing is usually code required these days in all jurisdictions.

By the way, if you just have a shed that needs a new roof, we take on small roofing projects and roofing repairs - give us a call to check on availability.