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BUR,Torch Down Modified Bitumen, Steel Metal Mountain Roofing, Front Range EDPM and TPO Roofing Eastern Plains

Our Commercial Roofing Contractors staff are well versed in working with property managers and commercial property owners to make sure that their investments are protected, enhanced, and retain value for the long term, at a competitive bid price. We can provide extensive roofing product knowledge along with a written and/or professionally presented bid, or in the case of hail or tornado damage, taking on the work and worry of making sure the property casualty loss is properly compensated for by insurance proceeds, without the property manager or owner having to take a lot of their own resources or time. Some membrane roofs can sustain storm damage that may be hard to assess except by highly experienced flat roof experts.

We can help the equity owners save money by not missing the opportunity for free roof upgrades, or by ensuring modern and current code adherence and catching potential code violations before they may happen, and end up costing more. We can also coordinate other work and contractors for the property management to avoid disrupting tenants or operations, and we have been retained to monitor other roofing companies to ensure promises and guidelines are adhered to. Our no nonsense commercial roofing credentials are impeccable:

  • We are EPA Lead Renovator Certified - we make sure you don't mistakenly spread lead or asbestos and get fined for site contamination. Mitigation and fines for non notification can be very expensive, and ignorance of the law is no excuse. You need to be able to trust the knowledge of who you are working with.

  • We have long term credit lines and nurture our long term relationships with the major wholesale roofing supply houses, including Gulf Eagle (services the state) and Statewide Wholesale (services Denver metro).

  • Our crews undertake continual on the job training, while having over 50 combined years of construction experience onsite at any given time.

  • Our company and crews have insurance coverage. We pull all permits and work with inspectors to insure all work is up to current codes and standards. We are or have been licensed in virtually every jurisdiction in the State of Colorado where required, thus can always renew local licenses as area jobs become available.

  • Due to our favorable long term Liability Insurance presence and (lack of) insurance claims history, we can obtain insurance, licensing and permits in every area of the Midwest. We can and do travel extensively to take on projects that others may avoid, or that may take special skills.

Our areas of commercial roofing expertise includes flat roofing products such as BUR (built up hot mopped asphalt with gravel ballast replacement including taper systems), modified bitumen, TPO, PVC and EPDM membrane type roofing.

On sloped roofs we can help with all types of custom metal roofing: Standing Seam Steel, including Radius Bent Standing Seam, Classic Rib Pro Panel, Stone Coated Metal Shakes, Kynar Painted Steel Shingle Shakes. of many varieties with designer and custom colors.

Take a look at our Testimonials page or give one of our commercial roofing supply house credit references a call. Do your due diligence before making that very important decision, then call (303.332.3107) or contact us by email or text.