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Metal clad wood windows, powder coated finishes, wood interior windows, custom replacement doors, retrofit vinyl windows

From an energy use and comfort standpoint, replacement windows and doors can have the most dramatic impact on your heating and cooling bills, not to mention the interior comfort levels in your home or business. Significantly reduce the cost of heating and cooling bills, while increasing the comfort and livability of your indoor spaces (no more cold feet in the winter!). And in Colorado, with our high real estate resale equity values, if you are considering eventually selling your home, new windows and doors can dramatically impact the curb appeal of your home, helping get you the most value from your property while providing a great selling point for providing a luxurious interior feel and lower energy costs. Plus, with the right option choices, in the meantime, you will have the best looking home in the neighborhood!

We only recommend the highest quality makes and models of the most price competitive manufacturers on the market. Our licensed and insured manufacturer and installation professionals will come to visit you personally to ensure that your individual needs are met, and your dreams and budget are acknowledged and addressed.

With all the options available for every conceivable situation, you deserve the services of a caring, knowledgeable representative to sit down and discuss your wants and needs to discuss in detail your particular design and financial situation. With a myriad of choices, allow us to inform, direct and guide you in providing you the best choices.

Sierra Pacific metal clad exterior windows with real wood interiors!

Sierra Pacific is the second largest lumber company and the largest millwork producer in the US! It is the only window manufacturer that maintains and grows its own sustainable tree farms/timberlands, with 1.9 million acres under professional forest management in the West!

This allows Sierra Pacific to provide one of the finest quality metal clad windows with custom wood interiors, featuring the choice of 9 different species of wood and 13 millwork casing pattern interiors, more than any other window manufacturer on the market. For example, if you have white or red oak cabinetry, these windows can be trimmed out in interior millwork that is compatible not only with the type/species of wood cabinets or flooring you have, but the millwork patterns and 6 finish choices can be designed to perfectly match the existing finishes! Most wood window interiors cannot be matched, whether by wood species or millwork, with your existing finishes, a subtle but critical design component that makes all the difference to a discerning homeowner or potential purchaser of the property.

Sierra Pacific windows also feature a Powder Coating exterior paint/color finish in over 75 available colors and textures, more than any other manufacturer. Powder coatings are vastly superior to standard paint finishes on the exteriors of metal clad wood windows, particularly resistant to fading and UV/sun damage, a real concern at the Mile High and higher elevations of the Colorado High Country environment. No matter what your exterior appearances or trim colors may be, we can match them impeccably. A wide and unmatched portfolio of accessory interior and exterior grid patterns and designs are available, as are energy and safety glass glazing options. Without a doubt, these are the most price competitive high end windows available on the market!

Vinyl and Fiberglass Retrofit Windows!

Being in the window business for years personally, trained by Renewal by Andersen, Traco and Amerimax, we can certify that for the best value and energy efficiency, Quaker brand windows provided from our state of the art factory in Freeburg, Missouri offer the most maintenance free, energy and cost effective windows on the market! These windows are offered both for new construction and the "retrofit" market, that is, they can be custom built to fit the existing openings, even in older homes where settling has rendered the existing openings "less than plumb."

Custom retrofit vinyl windows allow for the existing interior and exterior trims to be reused and unaffected by the new window installation, saving thousands of dollars over the installation of standard window sizes. With a wide variety of grid and glazing options, you can be assured of getting the best fit and finish, with the most bang for the buck in energy efficiency and comfort available on the market.

Custom and Replacement metal and fiberglass entry and interior doors!

We source, offer and install any type of exterior and interior replacement doors. Having a Class B General Contractor license and multiple trades and craftsmen, we can pull permits and change any window or door opening to whatever suits our clients' needs. This is very important if one wants to change the opening size, for example, wishing to install a French Door or Sliding Door in place of a single entry back door or interior door configuration.

Any time the structural integrity of a building is affected, the jambs, casings, drywall, existing texture and paint finishes are affected... you need a craftsman installation crew that can pull permits and match the existing finishes to blend the replacement/repair to the existing finishes. We have all the skill sets necessary to complete the replacements to your perfect satisfaction.

Our aftermarket warranties on these windows and doors, and installation are the best in the business.

For any quick questions, advice, or a personal consultation or visit from one of our professional, friendly consultants, please call 303.332.3107 or email us at the contact page for a prompt, courteous response!