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Additional Professional Services are available with us that vastly exceed the capabilities of conventional roofing companies. In fact, many firms hire us when they need the edge on handling claims and contract pricing within their own operations:

We assist Contractors in maximizing their incoming and ongoing insurance property claims, getting builders more Contractor Overhead and Profit by having claims with various carriers settled properly, for the right amounts and with the correct trades applied. We have worked directly with the top 5 insurance carriers as catastrophe and inside adjusters and know how each carrier handles subs, trades, and supplements, and they are all different.

We are not public adjusters, and don't normally negotiate directly with the insurance company... we provide General Contractors, Builders and Developers, Roofing Companies, and Siding Installers the documentation that corresponds with what the insurance company is looking for. Fewer arguments means getting paid more and faster.

Property Owners - Say you have a roofing contractor that wants to repair siding or build a deck... beware, these are specific trades that don't often overlap. We can help you screen your own choices of builders, or provide trusted references if we can't handle the work ourselves. We are familiar with EPA regulations and educate property owners on lead paint, asbestos, and other risks that can cost a lot to contain or mitigate before there are issues. We keep well meaning property owners out of trouble.

General Contractors, Builders, Property Developers, Commercial Property Investors - We deploy the most popular insurance and construction industry pricing software, Xactimate. Send over your blueprints and let us help with running your specifications through the current local algorithm pricing for labor and materials that all the major insurance companies rely on. Then, I can show you how to save big bucks on your job by working with us. The fees are refunded if our bids are accepted, and if not, no worries, you now have complete specs and numbers to accurately bid your projects and hold other subcontractors accountable.

We provide project supervision and management services for the busy, absent or uninformed property owner.

  • Adjuster Licenses in 10 other states neighboring Colorado, and the Gulf states

  • Adjuster licensing requires a Clean Criminal Background

  • Adjuster Experience 5 major insurance companies

  • EPA Lead (Paint) Renovator Certified

  • Honorably Discharged US Navy Veteran

  • Over 25 years in Sales, Management, Ownership, Customer Service and Construction Field Work

Disclaimer: We do not carry Errors and Omissions coverage, nor are we licensed engineers who will cost twice as much as our fee is. We base our expert Narrative Written Reports and Roof Certifications on our background, training and over 25 year of experience in the construction industry and trades. Our reports are unanimously accepted industry wide.

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