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Real Estate Roof Certifications

Real Estate Roof Certifications in Denver

Unbiased Property Inspections and Roofing Reports prepared by Licensed Property Adjusters

Home and roof inspections conducted and the resulting reports generated during a variety of real estate and investor underwriting transactions can be confusing and time consuming for a number of reasons:

There may be a number of parties involved in dissemination of the report; the summary must be understood and clear to all involved. We have over 5 years of claims adjusting experience, which is job classified as Banking and Finance, demanding a professional standard of communications. One of the primary tasks of adjusters is explaining sometimes complex repair strategies and policy and coverage interpretations, verbally and in writing. Our reports are clear and concise, and easy for both the layperson and professional to understand.

The roofers and contractors contacted for information on items needed to correct deficiencies for certification may not have the knowledge, wisdom, or other skills and qualities needed to handle complex, written assessments.

Our detailed, narrative reports become the decision makers go to source for on the ground real time information. We bridge the information gap so common with other contractors of all trades by assisting office bound professionals with the information they need to make informed decisions.

The "profit motive" may cloud the true assessment or cost to mitigate the issue, or to even give an accounting of a accurate repair amount with labor and materials estimate necessary to resolve the issue.

Not only can we provide a list of deficient items, we can provide an accurate line item bid on the amount you'll need (or negotiate) to resolve the issues, based on Xactimate software.

Real Estate Roof Certifications in Denver We offer a refreshing, 3rd party, unbiased perspective on each inspection. Many other contractors may exaggerate the damage, if any, in order to set themselves up to do the work.

We provide expertise and detailed narrative reports with observations necessary to clarify issues for party who retained us, with the facts stated clearly, in their best interests exclusively.

Unbiased, Straightforward, Honest Point of View for You: We are not public adjusters or lawyers - we do not work for a percentage of the transaction, or for a commission. The fee for this service helps ensure the home or property owner is informed and protected by utilizing a personal expert that has no ulterior motives or motivations, other than a reasonable, upfront expense for service.

These reports can also provide an unbiased valuable written record for future sales, insurance claims or premium reduction, or legal reference. Call us now on 303.332.3107 to find out exactly what you need to do to get top dollar for your property listing, or as a buyer email us for a report to make sure you are not getting stuck with an unexpected expense that can run thousands to replace, repair or resolve down the road.