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Commercial Roof Repair

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Steel Roofing Repairs, Replace a Tile, and Flat Roof Repair Company

Roof repairs of any type demand a much higher level of skill sets than a simple asphalt shingle company possesses, and when you talk to most local roofers, that's really all they are (though the arrogant ones may argue the point). Even then, most will not do repairs, since they are not considered a profit center and are "a waste of time."

To us, the ability and willingness to perform repairs demonstrates our commitment to help our potential clients regardless of making a profit, especially those with large or high end expensive roofing systems, in part to quickly address the issue and hopefully avoid further damage, but also to ease the clients into what could eventually be a costly replacement, or warranty issue. You need a expert to address the immediate needs, and also to perhaps offer advice on how to prevent future problems.

One of the biggest issues we run in to with ongoing leaking issues on membrane roofs such as TPO or EPDM is that unskilled roofers attempt repairs using incompatible materials, such as asphalt "rain patch" used on TPO or EPDM. The rain patch or asphalt based repair products will actually "eat" or dissolve certain membranes, causing even more destructive roof problems, sometimes years after the fact. We run into this all the time - please call us if you suspect amateurish roof repairs have caused even more damage to what otherwise may be a sound roof.

Another serious issue is repairing old steel roofing to match with new steel roofing material. All steel roll forming machines (the machines that run off the panels from coil stock) have their own unique footprint. Even machines that were manufactured by the same company can be adjusted differently, so, for example, the locking lips don't mesh correctly. Steel coil stock comes in painted finishes which up until recently faded readily, and colors that were supposed to be an exact match were still several shades off. These issues have improved in recent years, but in most cases steel roof repairs in the slope won't match the existing material. There are ways of overcoming this concern, call for details.

Often, our company damage assessor will take along a tube of high end roofing caulk when inspecting a minor leak issue, and if possible will take care of a simple issue if possible the first time out for a nominal fee. At the same time you will get a verbal report on the type and condition of the current roof, and what else if anything will be needed to address the immediate concern. A estimate for repairs will be provided upon request, along with any other observations in writing. This is helpful if there are multiple departments in an organization where more than one party may be responsible for the final authority approval.

Normally, once the details are ironed out we will prioritize a active leaking or ongoing damage issue to be addressed as soon as is possible within our schedule. Depending on the size of the repair, normally the work can be done within a very reasonable time period. It is always best to keep in mind that (unless the roof is relatively new) a repair should be considered a warning that the roof will probably need to be replaced sooner rather than later, so you may want a roof replacement estimate at the same time for future budgeting.