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CeDUR Synthetic Shakes

CeDUR Synthetic Shakes in Denver

The Most Realistic Synthetic Shakes You Can Buy

Cedar shake roofs are some of the most beautiful roofs around. But they come with big drawbacks. Shakes are high-maintenance and prone to fireā€”not great for the Colorado climate.

But there's no denying that a house just doesn't look as good without cedar shakes. They're stunningly gorgeous and have a timeless quality that other roofing types can't match.

Finally, you can get the beauty of cedar shakes without the compromises. CeDUR synthetic shakes give you the best of both worlds.

What are CeDUR Synthetic Shakes?

Synthetic shakes look like wood shakes but are made of another material. Other companies have tried making them out of asphalt, rubber, plastic, cement, and all kinds of other materials.

But CeDUR developed a new composite material that outshines them all. These synthetic shakes have a deep wood grain that stands out from flatter alternatives. They don't absorb water or grow mold. They don't split or decay like real wood. And the four available colors let you match the roof to your building.

There's no question that these are the most realistic-looking synthetic shakes out there. And when you combine that with their durability, you get a fantastic choice for just about any roof in Colorado.

Benefits of CeDUR Synthetic Shakes

  • Benefits of CeDUR Synthetic Shakes

  • 5", 7", and 12" shakes in four colors give you a variety of options for a custom look.

  • Polyurethane composite is environmentally friendly.

  • No plastic sheen, water absorption, or environmental damage.

  • CeDUR is based right here in Colorado, so you get to support a local company.

Who Should Use CeDUR Synthetic Shakes?

Owners who are uncompromising in their search for a beautiful, traditional roof. Getting a new wood shake roof is hard, if not impossible, in Colorado. If you're not willing to settle, this is a great way to get the traditional look of cedar shakes.

Anyone interested in wildfire mitigation. Not all Class-A roofing materials are the same. CeDUR doesn't require an additional fire-resistant layer or any other type of treatment. It's highly fire-resistant all on its own, making it a great choice for high-elevation buildings and applications in forested areas.

Buildings that take a lot of wear on their roofs. Do you get a lot of hail or other impacts on the roof? CeDUR shakes are highly impact-resistant and feature pigment all the way through the shake. So even if one gets scratched, there won't be a blank spot on your roof.

Find Out More About Great Looks and Traditional Styling With CeDUR

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