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Colorado Wildfire Adjuster - General Contractor

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Colorado Wildfire Adjuster, general contractor, roofing, framing, concrete and cinderblock construction, debris removal

As a property adjuster for a major insurance company, I traveled extensively between the Grand Lake, Grandby, Rocky Mountain National Park (Estes Park and Cameron Peak/Masonville/Bellvue) areas this past fall, scoping and estimating total fire losses and "smoker" residence smoke damage losses.

While not a public adjuster, I have strong affiliations and experience with the insurance companies, public adjusters, general contractors, roofing, concrete and debris removal experts.

The recovery from this Colorado wildfire season will take time and considerable efforts on the part of the front line firefighters, mitigation and restoration companies, land recovery and tree planting experts, general contractors, subcontractors and debris removal and hazardous waste disposal experts.

Compounding the difficulties of the clean up and reconstruction efforts is the fact that most of the areas impacted by the fire devastation is in the Colorado High Country and elevations exceeding 7500 feet above sea level. These enormous tracts of land are now snowbound and will be until late Spring (April/May), making clean up and recovery/rebuilding very difficult, if not impossible.

The first step for anyone losing their primary or secondary residence in these areas is to contact your insurance company and make sure they understand the logistics of the area. Most insurance companies are not located in Colorado and the inside claim handlers/adjusters simply may not be aware of the conditions on the ground in these areas. Fire victims will need to request "extensions" of their claim time frames to make sure the claim remains active until all repairs can be completed. It is extraordinarily difficult to "reopen" a claim once it has been closed.

Another thing to be aware of is that the "local" contractors are overwhelmed with service requests and are very busy and booked up, and may in fact have lost their own homes. While all contractors want as much business as they can book, they may simply not have the internal business skill or infrastructure to handle their clients in a fast or orderly fashion.

Another very critical item this adjuster came across in the course of surveying the total fire losses in this area is that since Colorado is a very popular place for folks to relocate to or establish a vacation getaway, the home equity values and rebuilding costs have escalated dramatically in the last few years. We have found that most folks that lost their homes are woefully underinsured. To obtain additional financing to restore the property to the condition it was in before the loss, victims will need comprehensive plans and cost projections for the mortgage companies to consider adding funds to the existing loan before reconstruction can commence.

We are a network of seasoned adjusters, general contractors, roofers, concrete, framing, electrical/plumbing/HVAC subcontractors and debris removal experts based out of the Denver Metro Area, but licensed and insured throughout the state. We are adept at planning and blueprinting your rebuilding efforts to coincide with the upcoming rebuilding period. The best time to plan and coordinate your reconstruction efforts is the winter season. This gives everyone time to plan and coordinate the debris removal, site preparation, and paper planning/engineering of the replacement structure, in addition to pulling permits and studying and coordinating compliance with the local building departments and code requirements.

You need the assistance of "Pros on the Ground" to help you overcome all the challenges you will face rebuilding your lives. Give us a call or email today to start you and your family on the road to recovery.